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    Contribute Financially To Help People Living With POTS

    The Australian POTS Foundation is a registered charity committed to improving support, education and research for those living with POTS.  We are reliant on the generosity of those in the community who wish to partner with us financially to see our mission realised. If you would like to support us in this endeavour then please consider giving financially by clicking on the ‘donate’ button below.  Even the smallest amount will help to build a better future for those with POTS in Australia.  Your contributions will be used to:

    • Develop POTS educational material for the general public, clinicians, patients and their carers
    • Run patient and clinician education sessions and support medical research into POTS
    • Provide PhD ‘top-up’ scholarships in order to attract Australia’s best young minds into the field of POTS research
    • Fund community engagement activities that benefit those with POTS in Australia
    • Provide advocacy for better recognition and provision of POTS treatment in Australia
    Get Involved
    Get Involved


    Make A Difference By Volunteering

    We are a volunteer-based organisation.  If you have a vision to spread the word about POTS in Australia then ‘jump on board’.  We would love to hear from you if you have the skills to help us with:

    • Fundraising activities
    • Media and marketing
    • Administration
    • POTS Research
    • Development of educational material
    • Medical advocacy


    Spread The Word & Raise Awareness

    The Australian POTS Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of POTS amongst the Australian medical community and the governmental health sector.

    For too long POTS has been the ‘forgotten’ syndrome and those with POTS are often left with inadequate access to appropriate diagnosis and care.

    The Australian POTS Foundation hopes to work towards coordinated advocacy for better recognition and access to government funded care for all Australians who are challenged by this condition.

    Please watch this space for more information on how to get involved with POTS advocacy in Australia.

    Get Involved
    Get Involved

    Make A Contribution

    Your Funding Changes Lives.

    Help us advance POTS research. Your support will touch many lives by helping the medical community better understand, diagnose, treat and manage POTS.